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Restaurant Piparmünt

About us

In the premises of the restaurant Piparmünt area, Kuldne Kahvel OÜ’s hardworking women have been delivering taste and service experiences since the beginning of 2020. Piparmünt is a leisure restaurant with delicious food, pleasant service and a cozy interior, where the main emphasis is on European-oriented dishes. Chef Gertu Taavet makes every food a work of art and everything that reaches the plate is made with care and love. The menu changes twice a year.

The rooms of the restaurant can accommodate a total of 60 people, in summer 40 seats will be added on the outdoor terrace, where well-behaved dogs are also always welcome. The youngest members of the family can find their favorite dishes on the menu, and there is also a playground in the yard for fun, there’s a play area also indoors when the weather is cold.

You can find the most relevant information about Piparmünt on their Facebook page, the fastest exchange of information and booking of tables by phone (+372) 5809 9391 and by e-mail Also ask for an offer for organizing birthdays, small group dinners and funeral tables, etc.